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Holiday Music From Germany

We hope you will join us for today’s very special holiday concert at the Kroc at 2pm. Family prices are $10 for adults and $5 for kids, so this is an inclusive event for the whole community.

Matt Johnstun, who attended last night’s performance with his family, said, “My 4 year old son actually sat through the entire thing without squirming around too much, we were really proud of him! He liked the cymbal guy and the ‘hippo drums’ too, and got a free scoop of ice cream with his kids program which I thought was cool! It was my wife’s first time and she enjoyed it as well- honestly the price has always kept us away, so it’s cool they are offering these family special pricing events!”

For more information about other upcoming concerts, see our Season Lineup page. For information about our guest conductor, Gonzaga’s own Kevin Hekmatpanah, see our Conductors page.

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