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A Voyage of Discovery: Five Conductor Candidates

An exciting season awaits anyone attending the Coeur d’Alene Symphony this season, as five conducting candidates lead the orchestra, each competing for the Artistic Director position. Following the 15-year tenure of director David Demand, the symphony is looking for a good fit with both the musicians and the community. Each concert will be prepared and conducted by the candidate, who will choose one piece of repertoire on the concert (the other pieces being determined by the orchestra). After each concert, the search committee will receive survey results from both orchestra members and audience attendees. We hope you will be a part of this process. Come join us for each concert to watch and listen as our Voyage of Discovery unfolds!

October 6 & 7, 2017
Discover Europe
candidate Danh Pham of Pullman WA conducts Beethoven 5 and Prokofiev Violin Concerto #2

December 1 & 2, 2017
Holiday Discoveries
candidate Barry Araújo Kolman of New York, NY conducts Bloch Schelomo, Dvorak Carnival Overture, and Holiday Pops

January 19 & 20, 2018
Generations of Discovery

candidate Pierre-Alain Chevalier of Houston, TX conducts winners of the Melody Contest, Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Waltz, and a side-by-side collaboration with the North Idaho Youth Symphony

March 16 & 17, 2018
Discovering Genius
candidate Jorge Luis Uzcategui from Spokane, WA conducts the National Young Artist Winners

May 4 & 5, 2018
Discover a New World

candidate Jan Pellant from Lexington, KY conducts Strauss, Dvorak New World Symphony

Tickets available at cdasymphony.org.

*If you have attended a concert this season, we would love to receive your input on the conductor candidates! Click here to complete a five-minute Audience Questionnaire. We value your feedback!

One thought on “A Voyage of Discovery: Five Conductor Candidates

  1. We loved Dr Kolman. He was entertaining, discussed the overtures beforehand and had command of the orchestra. The musicians appeared to respect and enjoy his direction . Dr Kolman’s music choices were perfect for the season. I almost cried at Mika’s solo. I’m concerned since he is from New York if that would put a strain on the orchestra’s finances. I’m sure they would have to pay travel expenses.
    Dr Pham was great too…what a decision!

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